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About Victoria, BC

Welcome to the "City of Gardens"

This intimate, sophisticated seaside City is the vacation capital of Canada and the premiere tourist spot in the Pacific Northwest. Victoria is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and sparkles in one of Canada's mildest climates. This area is the sunniest spot in the province and the gentlest in the country in terms of climate, environment, and lifestyle. Victoria's unique character is deeply rooted in its 150-year history -- a history full of colourful people and fascinating tales. The city's British colonial heritage is still very much in evidence, but contemporary Victoria has a distinctly Pacific northwest flavour. Today, Victoria is best known as the capital city of British Columbia, and as a world-renowned tourist destination. One of the most visitor-friendly cities anywhere, Victoria is also one of Canada's favourite places to call home. Greater Victoria and its outlying areas now have a population of 300,000, and the one-time colonial outpost is alive with cosmopolitan dining, superb shopping, a colourful nightlife and a full complement of cultural offerings.

Opportunities in Victoria

Choosing a new location to live and work is an important decision. Ensuring that you know all the facts before you make your final decision is essential. We have provided links to information you will need to know when you are considering relocating to Victoria. We want to work with you to make your move easy.

The City of Victoria, along with its businesses and residents, combine to encourage and foster economic growth. Victoria's strong and diverse economy maintains and improves residents' high quality of life. At the City of Victoria, we recognize that your success is critical to our city's economic health.

People are the lifeblood of a community. On Vancouver Island, we have communities that truly care about the Island's economy and have a heartfelt desire to see it thrive and grow.

As a resident, employee or local business owner, you have a role to play.